No S20 – Gegen den Gipfel der Herrschaft!
Joint travel and accommodation
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Compiled by, translation by noS20:

Vienna: Meeting point for joint travel by train at 08.30 a.m. at Westbahnhof train station. The train departs from platform 6/7 at 08:43 a.m. You can buy tickets on the train. If you book your ticket in advance from Westbahn, it will be a bit cheaper. If you cannot afford the ticket to Salzburg, please contact, and we will try to find a solution together.

This train has stops in St. Pölten (09.10), Amstetten (09.32), Linz (09.56) and Wels (10.11) where you can join us to arrive in Salzburg together.

Munich: Meeting point for joint travel by train at 8.15 a.m. at Ostbahnhof (rear entrance, Freidenstraße)

Rosenheim: Meeting point for joint travel by train at 9 a.m. (Rosenheim train station).

In case there are problems crossing the German-Austrian border, e.g. if the cops want to search and stop you, there will be a legal team you can contact for support. Their phone number will be published ahead of the protests.

In case you are traveling on your own and are looking for  accommodation / a place to sleep, get in touch via e-mail: Munich (, Salzburg ( and Vienna (

There are several events scheduled for the days before and after the protests in Salzburg on September 20:

Alternative summit in Salzburg, September 13-20:

Counter summit in Vienna, September 21-23:

Antifa Café in Vienna, September 18:

We’ll see you on the streets of Salzburg!

International demonstration against Fortress Europe and for a better future for all: Salzburg main station, September 20, 2 pm.

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